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    Beat Build Feat. Rick Ross & Young Cash

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    Freaknik The Musical

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T-Pain // Beat Build ft. Rick Ross & Young Cash

Pefecting my flow, I did it for us
Walkin’ to school or catchin’ the bus
My pants sag, It’s cuz I’m so hood
Sweet Tea Mob, We up to no good
I bought the ice cream, i bought the hot sasha
I bought potato chips, but now its Red Lobster
Me n’ all my partna’s, we did it real big
I spent 200 dollars, we did it real big
I’m talking Freaknik, I popped my first bottle
I met my first groupie, lap dance, to top model
It’s Big Uzi, I got a big Uzi
Well not a big Uzi, I got a lil’ Uzi
I wanna big name, I wanna big chain
Put my face on it, they think I’m insane
But we rule the world, we came a long way
I thought we’d never make it, man we came a long way

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